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    The phenomenon of declining market consumption in the eyes of returning youth. During the Spring Festival, many people who left Guangzhou and Shenzhen for the Spring Festival are interested in investigating the characteristics of their four, five and six-line consumer markets and people. We collected and summarized the observations of the circle of friends and shared with you:

    01/24 In a six-tier county, the most common function of using Wechat to pay is to recharge the living water and electricity payment. Water company has developed Wechat service number to educate users. Supermarket consumption is only used by young users, who are accustomed to using WeChat / Alipay, and middle-aged and old users are accustomed to cash, mainly worried about misoperation.

    02/24 Many people don't bind credit cards, but only debit cards. The main purpose of estimating and initially binding credit cards is to get red envelopes. From this, we can see the expected landing effect of other financial scenarios of Wechat.

    The many links in 03/24 have almost disappeared in the group of "Family Love and Family Love". Last Spring Festival relatives talked about the products they put together, but this year they returned to Taobao. The commodities with small unit price will choose to fight more and cheaper is the biggest attraction.

    04/24 Township traditional open-air market, booths began to put two-dimensional code collection, Wechat is the majority. We generally accept WeChat payment more. Many people do not have Alipay clients in their phones. When we suggest installing them, everyone's response is: is that game reliable?

    Baidu Red Pack in the Spring Festival Gala on May 24, most of the family members did not know what was going on, and there were few participants, unlike the scene of the whole family shaking in the Wechat era.

    06/24 Township units have many nails in use, the most commonly used function is: attendance free nail call;

    07/24 Many middle-aged people in villages and towns like to shop in the east of Beijing. The reason is that it reaches the household, other express delivery to pick up in town, or have to spend a few more yuan express fee, and during the Spring Festival, Beijing-East Express also delivers goods;

07 24 Many middleaged people in villages and towns like to shop in the east of Beijing. The reason is that it reaches the household, other express delivery to pick up in town, or have to spend a few more yuan express fee, and during the Spring Festival, BeijingEast Express also delivers goods

    08/24 Consumption prices of some county services are comparable to those of first-tier cities, such as hairdressers'dry cleaning and cinema tickets. Cinemas are full and hard to book. Hot movies are almost full. Most of them are consumed by young people.

    09/24 Randomized survey shows that the middle-aged and old people over 50 years old basically have one smart machine per person, mainly made in China. This year, there has been a situation in which elders collectively bow their heads and brush their mobile phones. Most of the apps have short videos and information, more accurately, tremble and headlines. They think this is a way to synchronize with the world.

    In 10/24, tourism consumption declined significantly, and there were fewer overseas trips and more domestic trips. There are obviously more sun-dried, sun-dried and film tickets.

    11/24 In the third-and fourth-tier cities, relatives and friends around them all want to do some sideline work, and they want to know if there are any good projects to be introduced. At present, all the sidelines are agents, such as insurance and health care products. In the past, the sidelines were more like BMW. Now, they are also very attractive to some employees in the system.

    12/24 Side-line agent products, if they have a certain degree of relevance to the agent's own occupation, usually sell better, such as doctor's agent ointment, sell very well;

    In the counties on the 15th and 6th lines of 13/24th, network loans are everywhere. Many young people bear tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of loans in order to consume and gamble.

    14/24 Consumption behavior convergence effect is obvious, for example, every household buys the same kind of gift or even the same brand, there will be a category migration every year, the choice of users depends on the recommendation of supermarket owner shelf placement (channel) under the brand mental line;

    On 15/24, even members of large supermarkets will have obvious tips when they go offline to consume: "Sweep code and join the Wechat group to get the latest preferential information at any time". The era of declining community marketing has come.

    16/24 Consumption Upgrade is: Cognitive Upgrade and Payment Upgrade. In the absence of cognitive upgrading in the village, the result of purely upgrading the ability to pay is that well-known brands, such as Mengniu and six walnuts, sell more expensive than in the city. Things with low cost performance are better sold to meet the demand for "yes";

    In 17/24 shopping malls, the flow of people is better than that in first-tier cities, and the price is still very strong. The same clothes can be discounted at 6% in Shanghai, but only 8 - 9% at home.

    18/24 families will still find some mid-range brands in the commodity fairs when they shop online. In their minds, this is a special website for selling authentic products.

    19/24 For activities such as "filling in identity privacy information and getting cash bonus package", middle-aged and old people in towns tend to collect money and often call on relatives and friends to come out.

    In addition to chatting and reading chicken soup, the greatest pleasure of the elderly users in 20/24 micro-letters is to send and grab red envelopes, which are far more serious than imagination.

    21/24 Hi-Tuan and other offline group purchases are very popular in May-6th-line cities. The organizational channel is Wechat Group, and the buyers are mainly relatives and friends. Hetuan can be seen as the offline version of more spelling, or the low distribution version of the net easy to strictly select, selling authentic products, for the consumer is the highest cost-effective;

    22/24 Drip taxis have become popular in cities on the third and fourth tiers. They can call taxis and express trains, but there are no special trains, and they are unwilling to tip for the difficulty of calling taxis during the Spring Festival. The situation of clearly marked price is not as good as that of the first or second line, and bargaining is still common.

    23/24 Insurance awareness is increasing. Many people begin to buy family insurance, especially the parents of the post-80s generation. They are informed that the channel is from the recommendation of colleagues and friends around them.

    The 24/24 smart speakers brought home during the Spring Festival were welcomed by numerous onlookers. The reason is that the threshold is low and it's easier to use than a smart phone. For a smart device with a price of less than 100 yuan, many relatives immediately choose to place an order for their children.



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